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Getting Ready for Flight School

On the first day, after you’re dropped off in the morning, we will start by just getting to know your guides, as well as your fellow pilots (who will become some awesome new friends!) If meeting new people scares you, that’s ok! Everyone is in the same boat (or plane, in our case). This is why we’ll start the day off with a fun icebreaker activity.

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Small Addition – Big Story

A little plane has a big story to tell at the museum. Fortunately for model enthusiasts, this one is pint sized. A 1:24 scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX will be on display, championing its illustrative “Popeye” cartoon nose art and the serial number EN398.

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Hanger 14 Update

Hangar 14 Update: July 1st

Welcome to Summer at the Museum With warm weather hopefully on the horizon, this summer looks to be a banner year for upcoming programs at the museum! Summer camps are

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School Program Round-Up 

School Program Round-Up  Theory of Flight, a grade 6 science program, has been the cornerstone of the Alberta Aviation Museum School Programs for nearly three decades. In recent years, we’ve

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Movies and aviation: a Match Made in the Heavens

In 1903, the Wright Brothers built the world’s first successful airplane, just as motion pictures were emerging as a new art form. This article explores the enduring connection between movies and aviation, from Ormer Locklear’s tragic stunts to the Oscar-nominated Top Gun: Maverick. Discover how films like Wings set the standard for aviation movies and how the love for airplanes continues in modern cinema with series like Masters of the Air.

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