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Hanger 14 Update

Hangar 14 Update: May 1st, 2024

Discover how the Alberta Aviation Museum is rallying the community to preserve the rich history of Blatchford Field following the tragic loss of Hangar 11 to a devastating fire. Explore their ongoing efforts, from hosting educational programs and rental events to advocating for the preservation of Hangar 14. Join them in their mission to safeguard this historic landmark for future generations.

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Museum Shuffle

Experience the intricate art of museum curation as Ryan Lee, curator, navigates the complex task of integrating two helicopters into the museum’s fleet. Discover the challenges, from maneuvering delicate aircraft to orchestrating seamless transitions, all while maintaining the museum’s commitment to preserving aviation history.

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Home Featured

Up, Up, and Away: Books for Kids Who Love Aviation

Whether your child dreams of piloting aircraft or simply finds aviation fascinating, our handpicked recommendations cater to various ages and interests, promising excitement and inspiration with every turn of the page. From captivating picture books that unveil the wonders of flight to engaging chapter books featuring daring aviators and sky-high escapades, there’s something here to spark the imaginations of aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

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Graphic states: Up in the air: kids' unfiltered aviation questions with an image of a small child with a hamade rocket on his back made out of pop bottles and construction paper as flames

Up in the Air: Kids’ Unfiltered Aviation Questions!

We delve into the fascinating world of aviation. Strap in tight because we’re about to answer some of the most amusing and curious questions about planes, pilots, and everything in between. So grab your aviator goggles and prepare for takeoff as we navigate through the clouds of curiosity together!

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Val Seehagel and the Fleet Canuck

Explore the rich history of the Edmonton Flying Club through captivating anecdotes and firsthand accounts, including Val Seehagel’s experiences with the iconic Fleet Model 80 aircraft. Delve into the club’s legacy in training Canadian pilots and its enduring impact on aviation.

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Black and white photo of women in uniform sitting on steps

Lois Argue Record Collection

Explore Lois Argue’s record collection at the Alberta Aviation Museum, featuring her cherished 78 RPM records that provide a glimpse into her life. Discover the historical and sentimental value of these unique pieces

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