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Researching Aviation History

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Did you know we also have a complete reference and research library?

The Alberta Aviation Museum Library features resources on the history aviation, from its early stages through to major aircraft in the World Wars. These include magazines, autobiographies, research books and engineering orders, many of which are unique to the museum and Alberta’s aviation history. The Library is primarily aimed at helping the work of historians, private or personal researchers, technical researchers and those working on models or restoration projects. However, educators may also find items of interest in the Library.

Our collection includes over 5,000 titles and we are open to the public 10 am to 2 pm Tuesday and Thursdays.  The Library includes the following sub-collections:

  • Aviation books
  • Commercial aircraft manuals
  • Canadian Air Force publications and Canadian military aircraft manuals
  • Historical RCAF publications
  • Historical RAF publications
  • USAAF, USAF, USN and other national military aircraft manuals
  • Historical Canadian Air Base magazines and papers
  • Aviation Historical Society journals
  • Quality aviation magazines
  • Reference books and magazines for scale aircraft modellers
  • Naval and military books to complement the prime collection
Librarian John Liddle shelving books in research library
How to Access Our Resources

Library Hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays

The Library is open for use to the public and any interested researchers, although in order to take out a book, you must have a Museum Membership.

At the Library, you will find a small research area, complete with desks and chairs. Internet connection is available along with printers and copiers. A small fee per page will be charged for copies to cover consumables.

The staff, who are volunteers, are also available to assist with research requests. They can be reached at 780-451-1175 ext. 109 or by email below.

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