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The Alberta Aviation Museum has over 85,000 square feet to explore!

Vickers Viking 4 aircraft exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number : G-CAEB

Vickers Viking IV

The Viking was amphibious, which meant it could operate off water or land. It was a single-engine biplane with a nearly flat-sided hull. It was manufactured in Canada by Canadian

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Fokker Universal exhibit aircraft frame. Aircraft identification number: G-CAHE

Fokker Universal

As Canada’s war surplus HS-2L biplane flying boats were restricted for use in the short summer months, there was a demand for a high wing monoplane capable of operating on

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de Havilland DH60X Cirrus Moth exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: G-CYYG

de Havilland DH.60X Moth

The Moth was a light biplane initially produced in England. By 1928, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada began to assemble Moth aircraft in Toronto and Moths became a standard trainer

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Curtiss Stinson Special aicraft exhibit

Curtiss Stinson Special

Katherine Stinson, “The Flying Schoolgirl,” entertained people around the world with her aerobatic feats. She flew the Curtiss Stinson Special on tours across North America in 1917 and 1918, visiting

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Fairchild 71C exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: CF-ATZ

Fairchild 71C

In 1929, the American company Fairchild opened a factory in Montreal and began producing the 71-C. With its enclosed cabin, large payload and ability to operate on wheels, skis or

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Fokker D8 exhibit. Aircraft has Red Baron Colouring

Fokker D.VIII

Nicknamed the “Flying Razor” because of its single wing and sleek shape, the Fokker D.VIII ‘s light weight helped it be a nimble, capable, easy-to-fly fighter. It was designed by

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Cranwell airplane exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: CLA4

Cranwell CLA.4

The Cranwell CLA.4 is one of three airplanes of its kind ever built.  A group of students, unsatisfied with their flying hours at the Edmonton and Northern Alberta Flying Club,

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Curtiss JN-4D Jenny exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: 3792

Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny”

The Curtiss JN-4 Jenny, and its Canadian counterpart the JN-4 ‘Canuck’ were the first aircraft produced in large numbers and widely used as trainers during the First World War. After

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Stinson SR-9 Reliant exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: CF-OAY

Stinson SR-9 Reliant

The Stinson SR-9 Reliant was another step in the development of rugged aircraft designed to withstand the punishment of operating in harsh climates. The design is distinctive with its gull-wing

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