Photographer Hour

Rules and guidelines

To ensure a smooth and respectful experience for all participants, the following rules will be enforced:

  1. We do NOT provide models
  2. Age Restriction: 12+
  3. Tickets per Person: Each attendee is required to have a valid ticket for entry. Please ensure that you secure your ticket in advance to guarantee your participation in this exclusive event.
  4. Limited Equipment: Participants are allowed a maximum of two studio lights. No large equipment or props (e.g., backdrops) , we regret to inform you that we will not be providing extension cords, so please plan accordingly.
  5. Mindful Space Usage: Photographers are expected to be considerate of others sharing the space. Avoid obstructing pathways or exhibits to allow everyone to capture the essence of the museum.
  6. No Disturbing Exhibits: Photographers must refrain from touching or disturbing any museum exhibits. Respect the historical significance and fragility of the artifacts.
  7. Photography Only: This event is exclusive to photographers; commercial videography is not allowed during Photographer’s Hour.
  8. Interaction with Staff: In the event of any disturbance or non-compliance with the guidelines, our courteous staff will kindly request your cooperation. Your understanding and adherence to these guidelines are crucial in ensuring a pleasant experience for all attendees.
  9. These tickets are non-refundable; however, they can be exchanged for admission to non-major events.
  10. Communication: For specific inquiries, participants can reach out to


Submission Details:

  • Participants can submit their photos below (unlimited)
  • Submissions must include the photographer’s/model’s name and contact information.

Recognition and Prizes:

  • Selected photos will be featured on the museum’s official website and social media for marketing purposes.
  • Photos may also be showcased on the museum’s Instagram page with the hashtag #abaviation.
  • The best photo, as determined by a panel of judges, will receive a free membership for entry to the museum for a whole year.