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Are you seeking a completely customizable educational outing that combines the wonders of flight science and history?

The museum offers two tour choices, available for booking either individually or as a combined package, tailored for large groups. These tours delve deep into the captivating realms of flight history and science. Your experience can be uniquely customized to align with your preferences, and it includes interactive elements such as flight simulators to enhance your visit.

Take a look at the range of options at your disposal and reserve your upcoming educational adventure!

For more information including museum guidelines and frequently asked questions check out the Teachers Resource Guide 

Program Details

Program Runs: Monday – Friday (2-4 hours, program length depends on size of the group, start times vary). Program lengths listed below do not include time to divide into groups or get organized, please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your start time to get settled.

Maximum: 64 Students

Start times available: 10am, 11am, 12pm (lunch breaks begin 90 minutes after start of the program)
Science of flight:
This Tour covers concepts from the grade 5 (or grade 6) science curriculum with a focus on the Four Forces and Control Surfaces. 
Blatchford Tales:
Tells stories from Alberta’s Aviation history, sharing connections from Edmonton’s Blatchford Field to the world and aviation’s role in shaping our community.

Cost: $10.00 per Student

Groups over 64 students may be able to visit on the same day but are typically asked to visit in separate groups (a morning and an afternoon session). Simulators are not available for groups over 64 students.

Tours with simulators

Cost: $13.00 per Student 

The program is ideal for classes looking for a more flexible program, tours spend more time moving around the museum and include some self-guided time for students to explore.

1 – 32 Students: facilitated programming runs 90 minutes with option to add self-guided time after. Classes will be divided into two groups and include a 60 minute tour and 30 minutes on the simulators. 


 32-64 Students: facilitated programming lasts 180 minutes, if you would like to eat lunch at the museum, please add 20 minutes to your planned visit duration. Classes will be divided into 4 groups and spend 45 minutes on each of the following: Four Forces Tour, Simulators and Controls Surfaces, History Tour, Self-guided. To ensure all students get time on the simulators, these tours include a longer history tour and self-guided time.