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Our Vision is to boldly share Blatchford’s aviation stories and shine a spotlight on Edmonton as a window to the world.  As such, we are always open to community partnerships and sponsorships to help us continue being active stewards of Edmonton’s aviation history.  

Sponsorship partnerships allow us to provide dynamic visitor experiences and share stories that highlight the role of aviation in building the community that we know and love today!

Why Be A Museum Sponsor?
  • Your brand gains visibility as a business that supports maintaining aviation history as an inspiration for the next generation.
  • You will have a chance to explore networking opportunities with Edmonton community members and stakeholders.
  • You will be identified as an organization that supports diversity and inclusion initiatives in public spaces.
  • You will be aligning with a major Edmonton historic resource of the past 30 years.
  • Every dollar raised will be put towards maintaining the museum’s authenticity, raising awareness about available careers in aviation to put a stop to the looming industry shortage, educating and preserving Edmonton’s incredible aviation history, and creating a place where all members of our community and tourists are welcome to come and enjoy!
 To find out more about sponsorship opportunities with the Alberta Aviation Museum, contact our Executive Director, Jean Lauzon below:

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Family posing and smiling in front of a Servus Credit Union Community Access Night Banner in 2019
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