Up in the Air: Kids’ Unfiltered Aviation Questions!


Graphic states: Up in the air: kids' unfiltered aviation questions with an image of a small child with a hamade rocket on his back made out of pop bottles and construction paper as flames

Hey future pilots and co-pilots (that’s you, parents)! Get ready for an adventure up in the clouds at the Alberta Aviation Museum’s Kids’ Aviation Questions! We’ll answer your most curious inquiries about planes and pilots, and we’ll do it with a lot of fun twists and turns. So, buckle up, and let’s soar into the world of aviation together!

What if the wings were on backward?

If the wings were put on backward, it would mess up how the plane flies. See, wings have a special shape that helps planes stay up in the air. But if you flip them around, the air doesn’t flow right, and the plane can’t lift off or fly steady. It’s like trying to ride a bike backward—it just doesn’t work!

Why can’t you make airplanes out of plastic?

Plastic is cool for lots of things, but not for airplanes. Airplanes need to be super strong to handle flying through the sky. Metal, like aluminum and titanium, is way better for making planes because it’s strong and flexible. Plastic could break too easily, especially with all the crazy stuff planes go through up in the air!

Can planes go mock 10?

Nope, planes can’t go that fast! Mach 10 is like lightning speed, way faster than any plane can fly right now. The fastest ones, like the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, can go really fast, but not Mach 10. Scientists are working on super-fast planes, but they’re still testing them out. It’s like trying to build a rocket ship on Earth!

How do pilots know when to turn off the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign?

Pilots follow rules about when it’s safe for people to walk around the plane. They look at things like the weather, how high they’re flying, and what air traffic control tells them. When everything’s calm and smooth, they’ll turn off the seatbelt sign, so you can stretch your legs and move around.

Do pilots get jet lag?

Yes, pilots can feel jet lag too! When they fly to different time zones, their bodies get mixed up with when it’s day and night. It’s like when you stay up past your bedtime—it makes you feel tired and sleepy. But pilots have tricks to help them feel better, like taking naps and sleeping in comfy beds between flights.

Why is there airplane mode on our phones?

Airplane mode is like giving your phone a little nap during the flight. It stops it from talking to other devices, which could mess up the plane’s fancy gadgets. It’s like pressing pause on your game so you can focus on flying. And bonus—it saves your battery too, so you can keep playing even after the flight!


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