School Programs

Theory of Flight Program

In-Person and Virtual Sessions Available

For the 2021/2022 school year we will be offering our popular Theory of Flight in both In-Person and Virtual Formats* covering Topic A: Air and Aerodynamics and Topic B: Flight from the Alberta Curriculum including:

  • Properties of Air
  • The Four Forces of Flight
  • Parts of an Aircraft
  • Aircraft Stability
  • Three Axis of Rotation
  • The Control Surfaces

*The Virtual Live Session focuses on the Four Forces of Flight and Control Surfaces; the rest of the topics are included in the accompanying in-class activity kit. There is time in the Live Session Q&A session to cover other topics in more detail. 

Theory of Flight Program Instructor showcasing the wing design of a Cranwell CL.4 aircraft
Play Video about Theory of Flight Program Instructor showcasing the wing design of a Cranwell CL.4 aircraft

In-Person Theory of Flight Field Trips

Field Trips to the Museum are designed as an opportunity to review and apply what is learned in class. Students have the opportunity to apply key concepts through an up-close look at our aircraft collection. Students will review the four forces of flight, control surfaces, parts of an aircraft, and the three axes of rotation in the morning. The afternoon will introduce students to pilot terminology and aircraft controls followed by a chance to apply what they have learned on our RedBird Flight simulators.

Program Cost: 

$12.50/ Student (Maximum 32 students)


Bookings are available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

9:15 am- 2:15pm.

Virtual Theory of Flight

Virtual Theory of Flight is a two-part program including online activity kit and a Live Session on Google Meet. The activity kit includes 8 in-class activities or demonstration with links to other topics in the grade 6 curriculum through History of Flight and Investigation activities. In the Live Session your class will see videos which discuss the Four Forces and the Control Surfaces in relation to our aircraft. Live Sessions also include a Q&A with one of the Museum’s volunteers.

Program Cost: 

$175/ Class


Live sessions are available at 9:15 am, 10:30am, 12:30pm or 2:00pm and last approximately 75 minutes (there is flexibility in the start times to suit your bell schedule) on Tuesday-Friday. Activity kit access last from 6 weeks before until the Friday after your Live Session.

Additional Information/Resources

For more information on field trips and virtual Theory of Flight including Cancellation/ Rescheduling Policies and Covid-19 Protocols click the link below.