Hangar 14 Update: May 1st, 2024

Written by: Jean Lauzon

On April 22nd, a fire engulfed one of the last historic wartime hangars at Blatchford Field, resulting in the complete loss of Hangar 11 within hours. This tragic event leaves Hangar 14, the tower, and terminal building (now housing amiskwaciy Academy) as the only remaining historic structures at Blatchford Field. Following this devastation, many members of the community and media contacted the museum, prompting the ultimate question, ‘What does this mean for Hangar 14?’. Simply put, it means that now, more than ever, we must come together with the community to preserve the rich history of Blatchford

As we work to continue to keep our history alive, Hangar 14 is busier than ever. We are wrapping up a busy school year, with thousands of students visiting and preparing for a summer full of day camps as well as new programs and partnerships. Our facilities also remain bustling with various rental events, including markets, training sessions, and more. Behind the scenes, our collection’s staff continue to generate excitement, sharing new stories through exhibit updates and online.

On April 21st, we hosted our Annual General Meeting with strong attendance. Members of our museum community gathered to hear about the museum’s accomplishments in 2023 (view our 2023 Annual Report here) and its promising trajectory for 2024, as we steadily progress towards a more sustainable future.

The AAM is continuing to gather and provide the information that the City of Edmonton administration would need before approving our bid to take over ownership of the hangar. This information is key to our sustainability as well as the sustainability of the hangar itself. Over the past weeks, an assessment of the electrical system at the hangar has been completed with recommendations and timelines that have also been provided to the city as part of the submittal. MCR Strategic Fundraising has also been contracted to perform a much-needed feasibility study regarding raising the necessary funds to rehabilitate and preserve the hangar if the AAM takes over. The Executive Director, Curator, and President of the Board will be meeting with the Acting City Manager in the coming days to reinforce our position that the museum needs to stay in the hangar and what that scenario will look like for the city. The administration is reviewing and assessing the applications received by the sale deadline and is currently evaluating them. We will continue to advocate and educate the multiple ministers, community, and government leaders about the museum and the importance of keeping history alive. A report with recommendations will be written for the council’s review and decision in June.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and value any assistance that you may provide.



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