Up, Up, and Away: Books for Kids Who Love Aviation

Welcome to the Alberta Aviation Museums’ selection of Aviation Adventure Books for Kids. Here, young readers with a passion for planes and thrilling adventures can take off into the skies! Whether your child dreams of piloting aircraft or simply finds aviation fascinating, our handpicked recommendations cater to various ages and interests, promising excitement and inspiration with every turn of the page. From captivating picture books that unveil the wonders of flight to engaging chapter books featuring daring aviators and sky-high escapades, there’s something here to spark the imaginations of aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Soar with us as we explore the world of Aviation Adventure Books for Kids!

This Months Recommendations:

Cartoon image of a young girl flying with her white dog in a soap box plane surrounded by clouds Violet the Pilot 

Ages Range: 4-8 years old

If you’re on the lookout for an enriching read for young minds aged 4 to 8, “Violet the Pilot” by Steve Breen is an absolute gem. This charming tale follows Violet Van Winkle, a science-loving girl inventor whose talent for crafting remarkable flying contraptions sets her apart. Drawing parallels to beloved characters like Ada Twist and Rosie Revere, Violet’s journey unfolds as a classic underdog story brimming with imagination, determination, and a sprinkle of humor. Moreover, as Violet faces the trials of schoolyard teasing and dreams of clinching the blue ribbon at the Air Show, readers are treated to a heartwarming adventure celebrating creativity, camaraderie, and self-belief. With delightful illustrations and an enthralling narrative, “Violet the Pilot” is certain to captivate young readers, igniting their dreams of reaching new heights.


“An engaging story of a spunky girl who follows her dreams…Violet is a terrific role model.”–School Library Journal
“Breen makes good use of both comedy and perspective in action-packed pictures…This will make a great read-aloud; take it on a trip, and youngsters will happily follow along.”–Booklist

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Wee and the Wright BrothersCartoon of a mouse looking at a wright flyer on a large hill

Ages Range: 5-8 years old

In this delightful picture book, readers are introduced to Wee, a determined mouse with a knack for journalism. Set in the bustling bicycle shop of Dayton, Ohio, in 1903, Wee finds himself amidst the excitement of the Wright brothers’ groundbreaking aviation endeavors. With his sights set on a skyward adventure and a sensational story for the Mouse News, Wee’s courage and tenacity shine through. Moreover, through a captivating blend of fact and fiction, young readers are treated to an exhilarating tale of bravery and the power of chasing one’s dreams. Furthermore, all this unfolds against the backdrop of one of history’s most significant moments in flight..


Just right for introducing the Wright brothers’ 1903 flight to young children, this has a cheerful tone, an intrepid hero, and the ability to convey information without making it ponderous. The watercolor-and-pastel artwork illustrates the story with vitality and distinction, doing justice to both its subject and its audience.”Booklist

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Graphic of a plane flying in between a day and night sceneAsk a Pilot: A Pilot Answers Kids’ Top Questions About Flying

Age Range: 6-10

Curious minds, buckle up as we unveil the secrets of aviation. Ever wondered why the vast expanse of the sky isn’t a chaotic collision course? Or perhaps you’ve pondered if airplanes come with an ignition key? Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or a nervous flyer, “Ask a Pilot” is your ticket to understanding the skies. With real questions from real kids and answers grounded in expertise, it’s the perfect handbook for quenching your curiosity and making your journey through the clouds a little less mysterious.


My daughter who is 8 wants to be a pilot, and this answers many of her curiosity questions, as well as helps get her in the mindset of what a pilot actually does. -Amazon Parent

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At the Alberta Aviation Museum, our mission is to ignite a passion for aviation in young hearts and minds. We aspire to inspire, furthermore, we trust that you’ve found this list enjoyable and insightful. Now, additionally, it’s your turn to take flight with these recommendations! We’re brimming with excitement to share these picks and our thoughts on the finest aviation literature for your little ones. Moreover, we’re committed to keeping the aviation spirit soaring high in every program newsletter. So, therefore, buckle up and join us on this exhilarating journey through the clouds of knowledge. Also, if you’ve got some recommendations of your own, don’t keep them to yourself! Share the love on our social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – and let’s continue to keep the conversation buzzing with aviation excitement!



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