Museum Tour Opportunities

Museum tour faqs

When should I book my tour?

Booking requests must be made a minimum of 2 weeks before desired tour dates, but we encourage groups to book early to ensure their preferred date and time.

How will I know my booking is confirmed?

Once your request is received, we will contact you to confirm the availability of you preferred date, time, and activities. Bookings are finalized once a $50.00 deposit is received, instructions for paying the deposit will be sent once your tour time and date is confirmed.

For programs that are not paid in advance, a requested date/time will be held for 72 hours. If we have not received a deposit or a written confirmation via email within 72 hours, your date and time may be booked by another group.

I’m visiting with a group of children 5 and under, do I have to pay admission for them?

Yes, for group visits there are special admission fees for visits with children 5 and under. These admission fees apply to both guided and self-guided visits. Adult supervisors will be free for the visit.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

Maximum numbers of participants apply to some tour options including the flight simulator lab. We do our best to accommodate large groups and encourage you to fill out the booking request form with your numbers, we will get back to you with options for your group size.

How many adult supervisors are required for a children’s group.

For groups of children under 15 we require a ratio of 1 adult for every 8 children. For groups of children under 7, we require a ratio of 1 adult per 5 children.

Are their lockers or storage areas?

No, if you have booked a lunch space you will be able to leave bags and jackets there, however, we recommend keeping valuables with you.

When are tours available?

Tours are available during regular opening hours; we are not able to accommodate after hours tours. Our weekend availability for tours is limited, particularly for children and youth tours. If your group is only able to visit on the  weekend, you are still able to book a self-guided visit and add-on the Discovery Backpacks with activities for your group.

When should I arrive for my visit?

Please arrive, 5-10 minutes before you scheduled start time.

Front view of the propeller of a Cranwell Aircraft