Noorduyn Norseman IV

The Noorduyn Norseman was a bush plane that was designed specifically for the Canadian North. It was economical to operate, had good range, used proven rugged technology, and had a high wing and large doors for easy loading. It was designed from the start to operate on wheels, skis or floats. The Alberta Aviation Museum has two Norsemans: CF-EIH, and CF-HPY (which rests on the pedestal outside the museum).

  • Wingspan: 15.80 m
  • Length: 9.68 m
  • Powerplant: 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-1340-S3H1 Wasp 9-cyl. radial engine (450 kW)
  • Maximum Speed: 249 km/h
  • Cruise Speed: 210 km/h
  • Range: 1,500 km
  • Crew: 1–2
  • Passengers: 8–9


Excerpt from Alberta Aviation Museum – 30 Years of Progress

EIH is a Norseman Mk IV, delivered to the RCAF in 1942 and used throughout Quebec and New Brunswick. McDonald Aviation Co. of Edmonton bought the plane from the government’s War Assets Corporation in August 1946 and sold it in May of 1947 to Associated Airways. EIH’s short civilian career ended on August 25th of 1947, when it crashed while landing at Allen Lake, NWT.


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Noorduyn Norseman exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: CF-EIH

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