Canadair Sabre Mk 1

In 1948 the Canadian government chose the popular North American F-86 to replace its first jet fighter, the deHavilland Vampire. Canadair Ltd. was chosen to build the airplane at its Montreal factory under license. The Alberta Aviation Museum houses the first prototype built by Canadair to test design changes for the Canadian Sabre.

  • Wingspan: 11.32 m
  • Length: 11.44 m
  • Powerplant: 1 x General Electric J47-GE-13 turbojet (23 kN thrust)
  • Maximum Speed: 1,092 km/h
  • Cruise Speed: 787 km/h
  • Range: 1,062 km Crew: 1


Excerpt from Alberta Aviation Museum – 30 Years of Progress

Canadair assembled the sole Mk. 1 Sabre from F-86A components provided by NAA to verify assembly tooling and jigs in the Canadair factory in Montreal. As such, it was essentially identical to the F-86A as built, with a General Electric J47 turbojet engine.

Later marks were entirely Canadian-made and powered by Avro Canada’s Orenda turbojet. When it first flew in 1950, the Mk. 1 Saber became the first aircraft in Canada to exceed the speed of sound. It spent its career as a testbed with the National Research Council and Central Experimental and Proving Establishment.


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Canadair Sabre Mk I exhibit. Aircraft Identification Number: PX-101

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