North American B-25D Mitchell II

The North American B-25 Mitchell was a workhorse of the Second World War.  The RCAF initially used the B-25 as a trainer, but began purchasing Mitchells from the Americans for Reserve Squadrons amidst worries of the threat of a Soviet invasion.

  • Wingspan: 20.59 m
  • Length: 16.30 m
  • Powerplant: 2 x Wright R-2600-29 Twin Cyclone 14-cyl. radial engines (1,267 kW)
  • Maximum Speed: 438 km/h
  • Cruise Speed: 370 km/h
  • Range: 3,219 km
  • Crew: 6


Excerpt from Alberta Aviation Museum – 30 Years of Progress

By the late 1950s, the Mitchells were wearing out. One, nicknamed “Daisy Mae,” suffered a hydraulic failure while taxiing and crashed into the side of [the museum] hangar. The pilots narrowly escaped being crushed in the accident.

In 2002 Northwestern Air Lease CEO Terry Harrold donated a stripped Mitchell that had been sitting on his rural property. Volunteers from the Museum and 418 (City of Edmonton) Squadron Association spent six years and 43,000 hours rebuilding the aircraft to stand for the ill-fated “Daisy Mae.”


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North American B-25J Mitchell exhibit (Restored as B-25D / Mitchell II)

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