Image Gallery: Cockpit Photos #1

Our revamped Alberta Aviation Museum web page is 2 years old this month, so it’s time to revamp a few of the pages.

One of our first areas to receive a “new coat of paint” is our Airplane Gallery, which you can find under the ‘Explore’ tab. We want to reflect all the improvements we have made in our displays. You will see new photos throughout the bush plane section, with other aircraft pages being replaced over the coming months.

As part of this revamping, Curator Lech Lebiedowski wanted to give people more of a view into the cockpits of these iconic aircraft. So he painstakingly photographed many of the aircraft on the floor. These images are striking in their beauty so we are highlighting them here.

If you want to just appreciate the beauty and design of these cockpits you can view them in the image gallery at the top of this story. If you want to know which cockpits are from which aircraft check out the gallery below.

Keep an eye on our web page for more improvements. We hope you will enjoy the new images as we update our online presence.