Haunted Halloween a Hoot

The Alberta Aviation Museum’s first-ever Haunted Hangar 14 event was great fun, both for the staff and visitors. Our curator, Lech Lebiedowski dressed up as a northern bush pilot, complete with sheepskin coat and flying helmet. Marketing and Events Manager Zena Conlin was “Rosie the Riveter” and looked like she had just stepped out of a World War II aircraft factory.

Kids young and old came dressed in everything from animals to historical characters and pop-culture figures. The scavenger hunt was also a big hit with the younger set, as they studied the story-boards to come up with the answers to win a prize, a handful of candy. About 450 people attended the event.

Curator Lech Lebiedowski took particular delight in becoming part of the museum exhibits. He spent time in several of the bush plane islands, sitting motionless as a mannequin. Lebiedowski took special delight in coming to life just as visitors posed with, what they thought, was an inanimate object, much to their surprise.


The museum will remain decked out in its Halloween regalia until the end of the month, so you have a few days yet this year to see our Haunted Hangar 14. Look for the event to be a mainstay on our museum calendar.

Thanks to the staff, volunteers and visitors who made it a success.