Hangar 14 swings with Blatchford Boogie Woogie

Our 77-year-old hangar rocked like the old days on Saturday night as the second annual Blatchford Boogie Woggie filled the historic building with sounds of the 40s.

The Second World War structure brimmed with period music. Dancers from Sugarswing Ballroom showed off their steps and helped coach attendees through some of the finer points of swing dancing.

Look through our photo gallery and you will see that the 150 people who came out had a great time. Our event is quickly becoming a high point on Edmonton’s dance calendar. If you haven’t check it out yet, don’t miss next year.

(l-r) Grant MacEwan students Desi Traverse-Schulz, Junwei Zhang,
Liz Woodruff and AAM Events Coordinator Zena Conlin.

There are so many people to thank for helping us pulling off such a big event. AAM Events Coordinator Zena Conlin, who along with students from MacEwan University’s Arts and Cultural Management Program, Desi Traverse-Schulz, Liz Woodruff and Junwei Zhang, planned the dance. Larry Grosfield, our volunteer audio visual technician, did his usual masterful job with lights the sound and lights. And if you noticed a booming voice during some of the vocals. Yes, that was Larry too!

We also want to thank emcee Justin Kautz for keeping everything moving, and his own vocal performances. And to our volunteers, who helped in their various other roles, a big thank you as well.

A/V Volunteer Larry Grosfield belting out a tune.

Last but not least, special mention to Two Sergeants Brewing Company, Vincent Henry Audio Visual, Findlay Productions and media sponsor CKUA for their support.

See you next year at Blatchford Boogie Woogie 2020.