Correction: Hangar 14 is Here to Stay!

Is the Resemblance that Uncanny?

In the Edmonton Journal’s Letters to the Editor on January 30th, it was mentioned by a contributor that the Alberta Aviation Museum’s Air Hangar had been sold to a developer.

Let us be the first to enthusiastically call forth, “FAKE NEWS.”  The museum’s original Hangar 14 of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan isn’t going anywhere.  It will continue to be the home of your favourite Downtown Edmonton aviation museum.

The confusion came on the heels of the City of Edmonton’s announcement of their recommendation to sell “Hangar 11” to a private developer for renewal as a protected historical resource.  The museum is excited at the prospect, as the city would eventually become the host of two protected historical air hangars from the Second World War.

Complete Details of this Recommendation can be Found Here

As Blatchford Field continues to enter a new chapter in its life, we look forward to the developments surrounding us that will highlight Edmonton’s past, present, and future!