Strategic PLAN

The Alberta Aviation Museum is a museum on a path to sustainability. It’s built on the passion and hard work of volunteers, staff, and leaders who already know something the city might not yet recognize: The legacy of Edmonton’s aviation story helped shape the city we know. Blatchford Field is a small place where big things happened. Back in April 2019, the museum’s Board of Directors and its leadership team consulted with Edmonton’s Hatlie Group to create our Blueprint for Sustainability Business Plan 2019-2021.

While COVID-19 hit the museum hard in 2020, we are still on our way to completing all of the deliverables of this plan by 2024. This business plan outlines how the museum will create, deliver, and capture value for the people of Edmonton and leverage that value into sustainable revenue streams. The City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Heritage Council have been invaluable supporters of this work.

We invite members of the community to review this plan as we embark towards new growth, community initiatives and partnerships. We hope to maintain your support as we continue to work towards being a cornerstone facility to the Blatchford and Edmonton community.

If you are interested in reading up on Our Blueprint for Sustainability Plan, access the document below:


Group of volunteers expressing thanks

Annual General Meeting

Alberta Aviation Museum Association
Sunday April 24th at 2:00PM
Purpose of the Meeting:

To present the financial statement of the Alberta Aviation Museum Association.

To elect the 2022/2023 Board of Directors AND Executive Committee Members for the Alberta Aviation Museum Association.

To present the current status of the Alberta Aviation Museum with regard to long term operations.

Other business as required.

Attendance for the AGM will be in-person at the Alberta Aviation Museum (11410 – Kingsway NW, Edmonton)  

AGM Documents, Agendas, and Print-Outs

2022 AGM Meeting Agenda (Forthcoming)

2022 Board Nominations

Previous 2021 AGM Meeting Minutes

2021 Alberta Aviation Museum Annual Report

2021 Alberta Aviation Museum Financial Statements