Video: Open Cockpit Day 2018

                                             Our great team of staff and volunteers for Open Cockpit Day 2018.

Our fourth annual Open Cockpit Day was a huge success. More than 1,300 people visited the museum.

We had 11 aircraft open to the public, and three simulators. The Noorduyn Norseman, the Fleet Canuck and the Bell 47 helicopter were all big hits, as were the three jet, the CF-104, F-86 and T-33.

A big thank you goes out to Global Edmonton, CityTV, CTV Edmonton and CBC Radio for helping us publicize the event.

And of course, our amazing team of staff and volunteers, we could not have done it without you.

Take a look at the video, produced by one of our volunteers, Cody Emslie. There’s no question we put a smile on a lot of faces.

See you next year for Open Cockpit 2019.