Video: New drone video by Hummingbird UAV

People love taking pictures of airplanes and we are fortunate that so many highly-skilled photographers choose the Alberta Aviation Museum to practice their craft.

But Armin Hasenbank takes it to a whole new level. Literally.

Hasenbank is a retired mechanical engineer who has been flying radio-controlled model airplanes his whole life. He is also an avid photography buff ( and a private pilot’s licence.)

So when drones starting appearing on the scene a few years ago, Hasenbank just had to try them out.

“I bought my first one. It didn’t work very well. But I did get the bug,” he says. “Then I starterd to build my own, flying home-made ones very proficiently.”

“The newer models came out which were far superior to the home-made ones. So I sort of switched away and fly those around now. They have fantastic cameras. So flying and getting different perspectives makes it fantastic.”

Hasenbank takes his drone flying seriously. He calls his operation, Hummingbird UAV ,and has a Canada-wide Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada, which allows him to operate in areas where most casual drone flyers cannot go.

Several years ago Hasenbank produced a short drone video in the museum. In April he came back for a look at our revitalization efforts and produced another video, which you can see here.

For more details on Hasenbank you can check out his YouTube channel.