Unveiling the Power of Marketing

By: Sarah Svanda

(Featured in the September/October 2023 Newsletter)


In my new role as the Marketing and Communications professional at the Alberta Aviation Museum, I embarked on a mission to infuse new life into the art of storytelling. In a world dominated by digital experiences, I firmly believe that we, as consumers, often underestimate the transformative value that a unique perspective can bring to historical narratives and artifacts. This paradigm shift not only enriches our educational engagement with history but also breathes renewed vigor into our business endeavors here at the museum

Central to my vision is the concept that revitalizing history should be an invigorating and dynamic process. Drawing a parallel from philosophy, particularly within the teachings of the Chinese Philosopher Confucius (551-479 BCE) which emphasizes the importance of adapting teachings to suit the understanding of each generation. This principle is commonly summarized as: “Study the past if you would define the future.” While not an exact quote, this sentiment underscores the idea that by learning from history and tailoring its lessons to contemporary contexts, we can shape a better future. Confucius believed in preserving ancient wisdom while ensuring it remains accessible and relevant to successive generations. Herein lies the essence of marketing – shaping perceptions through contemporary prisms, enabling historical gems to transcend current boundaries.

However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that appealing to a younger audience goes beyond mere online presence. While digital platforms are the contemporary stage, the theatrical performance is multifaceted. It involves an orchestrated symphony of strategies that embrace the spirit of innovation while paying homage to our heritage. By seamlessly integrating captivating narratives with the technological prowess of social media, we forge an alliance between history and modernity. To me, marketing is the conduit that bridges the gap between yesterday and today, enabling us to craft an inclusive dialogue with the future.

But let’s delve deeper; let’s explore how our engagement transcends the virtual realm and materializes as a tangible force. Capturing the essence of history demands not just static recall, but a living, breathing reimagining. As we project our narratives onto the canvas of the present, the Alberta Aviation Museum becomes a living archive, resonating with enthusiasts who may have never set foot within its physical walls. This metamorphosis is grounded in a profound understanding that the impact of marketing extends far beyond its superficial connotations. It’s a symbiotic relationship between past and future, woven into the fabric of our museum’s survival.

To captivate the youth and sow the seeds of appreciation, we must create a feeling of reliability and excitement, encapsulated in every online post and event. The culmination of these efforts manifests in a new generation of history and aviation enthusiasts, united by their love for learning about the past

In conclusion, the role of marketing in modernizing history is not confined to the digital realm; it’s a multidimensional strategy that fuses tradition and innovation. By transcending the boundaries of time and space, we usher in an era where history isn’t static, but an evolving symphony that harmonizes the wisdom of the present. It’s a tapestry where each thread is meticulously woven to sustain the legacy of the past while stitching a promising narrative for the future.