Remembering Denny May

The museum expresses great sadness to learn of the passing of a truly remarkable pillar of knowledge, and personal friend to our historic team. Denny May (son of the famous Wop May) passed away suddenly on the evening of October 2nd, a day before the screening of Blind Ambition, a film dedicated to honouring the invaluable history of his father.

Over the years, Denny was a tireless advocate for the museum in preserving the legacy of Blatchford Field. Almost every aspect of the museum’s spanning historical narrative makes mention of Denny’s father as a cornerstone in the development of aviation in Alberta. By association, Denny contained the same tenacious spirit and drive of his father to be an active voice for the community. Generations of students, museum staff members, and volunteers were always taken by his stories of his father. From his re-telling of the world famous Mercy Flight to his exciting chase descriptions of the Hunt for the Mad Trapper, Denny could command a room to hear his stories of his father and the pioneers of Alberta Aviation.

It was important for Denny for the next generation to remember our stories of the past. In a way, Denny had a hand in helping the museum craft many of the alluring aviation exhibits that you see in the museum today. Of special note is the museum’s cabinet dedicated to the achievements and history of Wop May. Many artifacts and personal belongings of Wop are proudly displayed, thanks to Denny’s proud cooperation and collaboration. Upon the completion of the new film, Blind Ambition, Denny helped pave the way towards the next chapter in telling Alberta’s aviation history. Having been partially filmed on location at our facility, we are looking forward to explore ways to incorporate the film in our museum’s visual storytelling elements. Denny’s legacy will continue to live on here at the museum. It would certainly make his father proud.

Our deepest condolences go out to Margaret May and Denny’s family at this time. They have expressed wishes to have a closed memorial ceremony at this time.
Safe winds towards the final adventure!