Open Cockpit Day 2017 a record-breaker

Open Cockpit Day was a big hit with Edmontonians. We were delighted to have more than 750 people come through our doors during the  four hours of the event. That is three times the number of people we have had in the past two annual events. As usual, the chance to sit in the cockpit of a vintage bush plane, bomber, jet fighter, airliner or glider was a popular draw. This year visitors even got to crawl inside our recent B-25 restoration. Thanks to the volunteers from 418 Squadron Association for adding this special touch.

We were particularly pleased to see the number of families taking part in the event. Many children (of all ages) got a chance to express their creativity by painting the Hawker Hurricane replica and dressing up as an old-time bush pilot.

Our special guests, “Linus the Parachute Pup” and owner Laura Patterson, were busy talking about Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCARS.) Linus did yeoman service giving hugs and receiving belly rubs. But by the end of the day, even the most mellow dog in town had to crawl under the table for a nap.

Special thanks also go to the Edmonton Fire Rescue Service for bringing some of their equipment and to the Military Vehicle Preservation Association for their display.

An of course, we couldn’t have done it without our dedicated volunteers and staff. A big thank you to everyone who helped, visited or contributed to our event.