New Wardrobes Provide “Uniform Direction” for our Archives

The Alberta Aviation Museum was delighted be awarded another Museums Assistance Grant by the Government of Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage in 2020. Thanks to this generous grant, the museum was able to purchase 24 new metal cabinets, or wardrobes from Acme Visible in Vancouver to rehouse the museum’s collection of aviation related garments.  Our old wardrobes were not built to proper archival standards, and we were entirely out of room to store our huge collection. We now have 480 linear feet of space to hang garments, with an additional 480 linear feet of shelf space for caps, hats, and helmets, and 480 more feet on the bottom for shoes and boots. Now, each wardrobe is specific to a type of uniform, or a specific airline. While we’re still in the process of organizing and cataloging it all properly, finding and retrieving items from this collection is much easier now and the new cabinets will ensure they are protected for years to come.