New Faces and Staff Changes at the Museum

The museum is going through an overwhelming amount of positive change with new faces and positions here at the Alberta Aviation Museum.

If you see these folks out and about, be sure to say hello!

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson,Operations Director

Bill Wilson is the new director of operations at the Alberta Aviation Museum. He has worked int the education field for 25 plus years. Bill Has a bachelor of education degree in industrial arts education from the University of Alberta He is a long time resident of the City of Edmonton.

Sarah Svanda

Sarah Svanda, Marketing & Advancement Coordinator

I’m Sarah Svanda, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Alberta Aviation Museum team. History has always held a special place in my heart, bringing me closer to my grandparents and my dad. It was through exploring the past that we bonded, learned, and grew together. In fact, I was so captivated by history that I spent the first two years of my degree delving into its depths, majoring in history. Eventually, my path shifted a bit, and I found myself drawn to the intriguing worlds of psychology and English. However, my love for history remains strong. What I find truly remarkable about history is how it transcends time and offers us sensory experiences that can be passed down through generations. From the enchanting melodies of bygone eras to the intricate languages spoken in different epochs, these glimpses into the past continue to shape and inspire us today. I’m incredibly excited to combine my passion for history with my role at the museum

Cayley Lindley

Cayla Lindley, Collections & Programming Assistant

I am a history graduate from MacEwan University. I have spent my entire professional career in libraries and museums and my passion is collections work. I’m excited to be with the Aviation Museum doing both collections and programming.

Colby Yacey

Colby Yacey, Summer Programming Student

My name is Colby Yacey and I am the summer programming student here at the Alberta Aviation Museum. In the fall I am going to be in my third year of a B.Ed at the University of Alberta.  History is one subject that transcends all barriers as history is collective and affects us all, and teaching our history (good and bad) is a responsibility we all hold. I am excited to be working with an excellent group of motivated individuals here at the museum. I am excited about introducing the next generation to the important and longstanding history of aviation here in Edmonton. There is always something new to learn and if you haven’t left the building learning something new you aren’t doing the job right! When I am not hanging around Hanger 14 you can find me working, volunteering or spending time outside biking, hiking, playing tennis or reading. 


Guillaume Carey, Summer Programming Student

Hello, my name is Guillaume and I’m from Montreal.  I am happy to be part of the team thanks to the YMCA and their summer work exchange program.  I love to know how things work, especially airplanes and jet engines.  Later, I would like to be an aerospace engineer and build my own plane.  If I could pick a superpower between being invisible or being able to fly, I would chose the second option without hesitation.  I am also a big fan of music like jazz or rap, and sports.  Fun fact: I play curling.