Hanger 14 Update: November 1st, 2023

With the end of summer and the cool winter weather upon us the installation process of our much-needed new furnace is finally coming to fruition.  With plans and arrangements created and the new furnace ordered, the City of Edmonton will be soon removing our decommissioned furnace to make way for the temporary heating to be installed as a backup system to our remaining operable furnace.  Hopefully it will not be needed this winter season. After the removal of the second furnace in mid-May the new furnace installation will occur in late May-early June of 2024 when the weather is much warmer.  The complete installation along with natural gas modifications and electrical changes, should run throughout the summer for the heating to be ready and functional for September.

In recent weeks, the City of Edmonton, has listed historic Hangar 14 – home of the Alberta Aviation Museum for more than 30 years. The Alberta Aviation Museum worked closely with the City in crafting the listing, which emphasizes that potential buyers must honour our existing lease until at least 2028. The purpose of these signs is straightforward and clear: “Land and building for sale -ONLY.” This approach has been chosen to minimize any potential impact on the Alberta Aviation Museum and its visitors. The Alberta Aviation Museum (AAM) remains steadfast in its ongoing commitment to securing a sustainable future for both the museum and Hangar 14. This will be a major undertaking for the museum due to the nature of the high costs associated with the rehabilitative work needed on the Hangar. This endeavor includes active engagement with various organizations and levels of government to explore potential opportunities and partnerships. As we continue this journey, we would like to express our gratitude for the unwavering support that our community and stakeholders have provided. The Alberta Aviation Museum emphasizes that it is the land associated with Hangar 14 that is for sale, and not the museum itself