Hangar 14 Update – September 1st, 2023

(Featured in the September/October Newsletter)

By: Jean Lauzon

Dear Members,

With the successful and very busy summer tourism season ending, we are continuing to work with external experts regarding the creation of maintenance, capital, and operational plans to transition away from city ownership of Hangar 14. These experts include Next Architecture, MCW Hemisphere, and the Hatlie Group, and we are actively seeking a fundraising professional or organization to help with our proposal to the City Administration for ownership of the hangar. Architect Ian Morgan is preparing a detailed report building on prior and recent studies of the Hangar so that we have a firm understanding of what priority maintenance is required, and practical ways to achieve long-term sustainability maintaining this historic structure.


City Administration has clearly stated that they support the museum taking over the hangar property and will work with us to ensure we have all the correct documents and plans in place, and the capacity to be able to undertake such a huge change.


We had a lively discussion with MLA Shane Getson at the Alberta International Airshow, who would prefer that we move the museum to Villeneuve Airport, and a productive meeting with Myron Keehn, President, and CEO of Edmonton Airports about any collaborative possibilities. We have submitted requests to meet with several members of the Provincial and Federal governments to rally support behind the museum’s proposal. As further meetings occur, we will provide you with updates.


Things have also been moving along with the furnace replacement. Several teams from the city have been inspecting, reviewing, and configuring coordination for the new unit. We are looking at a delivery in 22-24 weeks, which would put us in the middle of winter – thus the installation will be completed in the spring. The City has also created a contingency plan for any furnace failures that might occur prior to the replacement. The city will remove the second, decommissioned furnace in October to make room for the temporary contingency heating, which hopefully will not be needed. Once it is consistently warm in the spring, the city will install our brand-new furnace.

Please stay tuned for further updates and thank you for your continued support!