Hangar 14 Update – July 18, 2023

Anson exhibit in the Alberta Aviation Museum.
Dear Museum Members, 

We have some important updates regarding the future of our museum and its home in the hangar. In recent meetings with City Administration, the tone has changed to what we feel is a much more positive one. Throughout our recent conversations with the city team, they have expressed a strong preference and intention to find a sustainable long-term solution that ensures the museum remains in the hangar. 

The City still intends to proceed with plans to put Hangar 14 on the market, but because of the resolution passed by City Council last July, any potential buyers before July 2024 must fully commit to honouring our existing lease and keeping us here. 

To highlight the historical significance of the hangar and the museum’s importance to Edmonton’s cultural fabric, we will be working closely with the city before the listing goes live this fall. The early draft of the real estate listing effectively emphasizes that any prospective buyers must honour our long-term lease in the entire hangar. We are working towards this goal and will have our feedback finalized with the city by the end of July.  

Although officially listing the hangar for sale may seem alarming, we are agreed that this is a necessary step in the process of dealing with the future of the hangar, including the possible acquisition of the building by the museum itself.  

In preparation for the listing and our proposal to take over the hangar, we have assembled a team of external experts, including engineers and architects. We are also organizing a capital fundraising campaign. The city administration’s implicit statements about their strong commitment to keeping the museum in situ have given us a positive boost. Consequently, we are approaching all proposals with the aim of achieving a sustainable outcome that ensures the museum’s continued presence. We continue to explore three avenues: outright ownership, ownership by another level of government, or a partnership with T3/Architecture. 

Lastly, we are excited to announce that the City’s Infrastructure Planning and Design Team has committed to replacing the hangar’s antiquated furnaces with a brand-new unit this year. Their funding is fully secured, and as soon as the logistics are finalized, we will eagerly share the plan with you. After years of struggling with deferred maintenance and the absence of a replacement plan, this development brings us great relief. We are delighted to collaborate with the city as we work towards our shared goals. 

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for your continued support! 

Best regards, 

The Alberta Aviation Team