Embark on Aviation Adventure with Museum PD Day Camps

By Al Olsen

High Flying Adventure continues with the Alberta Aviation Museum’s popular School Professional Development (PD) Day Camps for kids aged 6-12. Want to know what’s involved? Communications volunteer, Al Olsen gives us a detailed sneak peak!

Kids playing in commercial airplane

Northern Explorers (January 31, 2022)

Northern Explorers teaches campers about living in the bush and about pilots who flew into uncharted territory. They will be taught a few skills to live in harsh climates in the great Canadian North. They will get a taste of adventures that bush pilots faced. The little explorers will learn how to use a compass. They will go over what would be needed for a remote winter. At the end of it, they get some time with our flight simulator.

Training School – Ground and Flight (March 3 – 4, 2022)

Training School is a two-day camp where future pilots get a taste for roles in leadership and other crew members’ positions. It also builds teamwork skills. On the second day the little pilots familiarize themselves around the cockpit. They are able to sit in a real training aircraft. The reward is to test what they have learned on our flight simulator. At the end of his experience, 2021 camp participant Edwin Chen was so hyped that he needed his very own bomber jacket from our gift shop.

“The flight simulator was so much fun, mom can we have one put into our house?”
-Edwin, 2021 Fall Training School camp.

STEM Lab (April 19, 2022)

STEM Lab is for the budding scientists who have a keen interest in flight and space. They will learn about the incredible technologies that made it possible for humans to take flight. They will have the chance to try their hands at inventing flying objects of their own.

This program finishes with a seat in our fastest aircraft!

Crash Scene Investigation (May 2, 2022) – NEW CAMP

Crash Scene Investigation is new and calls out for young forensic examiners. Dive into a recreated scene of a historical crash. Clues will be around for the children to uncover and piece together the cause. In this day camp they will work on their analytical skills and practice formulating theories.

School PD days off can be fun spent at the Aviation Museum. You might have a little aviator among your midst. We hope to see them soon!

Register your child today! Camps are $60/day with a $5 discount for multiple camp bookings.  Additional discounts are available for Museum Family Membership holders.