Celebrating 100 years of airmail in Western Canada

This week marks 100 years since Katherine Stinson flew a sack of 259 letters from Calgary to Edmonton. The July 9, 1918 flight was the first airmail delivery in Western Canada, and only the second in Canada.

The Alberta Aviation Museum marked the occasion with an event last Saturday giving kids and families a chance to create their own messages  to be delivered and displayed at the Hangar Flight Museum in Calgary.

Our team of summer students also came up with a short reenactment which they performed, ending up with the ceremonial starting of our own replica Curtiss Stinson Special, complete with turning prop and Curtiss OXX-6 engine sound.

You can watch a short video of the reenactment and check out our photos from the day.

Also  have a look at the cartoon panel that the Edmonton Journal’s Chad Huculak created  which tells the story in a unique way.

Thanks to all our volunteers who made the event a success and helped mark this important aviation anniversary.