Blatchford Boogie Woogie Features Aviation-Themed Brew

Blatchford Boogie Woogie, the Alberta Aviation Museum’s second annual swing dance, will feature another nod to Edmonton’s aviation past. Not only will the event take place in Hangar 14, built in 1942, but it will feature a new beer that is named after the historic airfield.

Blatchford Brown is a new offering from the Two Sergeants Brewing Company. The microbrewery and taphouse opened just south of the airfield on 105th Avenue in December. The venture began about four years ago when two retired military members decided to start brewing craft beer in Fort Saskatchewan. Last year they decided to make the move to Edmonton.

John McRae sales manager and brewery assistant at Two Sergeants Brewing

All their beers have military-themed names. The move to Edmonton and their proximity to the airfield inspired their latest creation, says Jon McRae, sales manager and brewery assistant.

“We realized we did not have anything that recognized the Air Force. So we started looking around and realized we had Blatchford Field right up the road. Blatchford Brown, it just works.”

Three weeks later they received a call from AAM Marketing Coordinator Zena Conlin about being involved with the Blatchford Boogie Woogie event.

“It’s awesome, super exciting,” says McRae. “To be able to link our beer and our brewery with the local military aviation history. It’s a perfect alligment of the stars.”

Blatchford Boogie will rock Hangar 14 Saturday March 23, starting at 7pm. The 18-piece C-Jam Big Band and Suger Swing Ballroom will provide the entertainment. It’s the perfect formula to brew up a swinging good time.

Tickets available at the museum or online. More details here.