“In Formation” (AAM Historical Newsletter)

  • War Trophies Go West: A Fokker D.VII’s Journey to Edmonton
  • Dogfight over the Gander Airbase
  • Our Missing Heritage: J. B. Taylor and his Murals at North West Air Command
  • The Viscounts of Trans-Canada Air Lines & Air Canada
  • Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame to Induct Four New Members in 2018


  • RCMP Air Division: Celebrating 80 Years of Airborne Policing 1937-2017
  • A Life in the Air Well Lived
  • Horses, Motorcycles and Airplanes
  • Under the Engine Cowling

 In the September/October 2017 edition of In Formation:

  • Tony Cashman: Life as a Halifax Navigator
  • The Edmonton Aero Club Struggles to Get Organized – 1928
  • Beacons of Liberty: Part II
  • The Martin Mars: From Flying Dreadnought to Behemoth Air Tanker
  • The Underwoods: Alberta’s Version of the Wright Brothers
  • Beacons of Liberty: Part I
  • RCAF No. 111 (F) Squadron’s Role in the Aleutians Campaign
  • No. 1 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force at RAF Northolt, Part Two
  • Three Weeks in December 1928: Canada’s Experimental Prairie Air Mail Service
  • Mitchell Memories
  • Bush Pilots on the Northern Canadian Resource Frontier
  • No.1 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force at RAF Northolt, Part One
  • May-Gorman Airplanes
  • Blatchford in the ‘Twenties and the Early Development of Bush Flying
  • Wilmot Pettit: Uncovering the Story of a Courageous Relative
  • Wallaby Airlines: Canadian Caribous Serve with the Aussies in Vietnam
  • Blatchford Field: The Emergence of Aviation as a National Fact During the 1920s
  • Maurice “Moss” Burbidge: Teaching Edmontonians to Fly
  • Remembering the Arrow Air Crash at Gander

In the November/December 2016 edition of In Formation:

  • Rosella Bjornson: Breaking Barriers in the Air
  • John Stewart Hart: The Last Surviving Canadian Airman
    from the Battle of Britain
  • A Headstone for Captain Arthur Roy Brown, DSC
  • TCA North Star Crash on Mt. Sleese, B.C. – December 9, 1956
  • Forestry “Green Tails”
  • Serving Royalty at 25,000 Feet

In the September/October 2016 edition of In Formation:

  • Lois Winifred Argue: The First RCAF (WD) at Blatchford Field
  • Ford Trimotor G-CARC: An Aircraft with a Rich Past
  • Searching for the “Russian Lindbergh”
  • Inventive Life of Warren Smith – Part 2

In the July/August 2016 edition of In Formation:

  • Cooking Lake Airport Turns 90
  • The Inventive Life of Warren Smith
  • The C-46 Commando: Developing Canada’s North