Fundraise Online

Looking for a fun and compassionate way to celebrate your birthday or another special event?

We have an idea for you: host a Facebook fundraiser on behalf of the Alberta Aviation Museum.

Every dollar you raise will help us to preserve, propel, and prosper as a community organization. Our historical legacy in Blatchford Field has been a staple of Edmonton with our collection of over 30 historical aircraft and numerous interactive museum displays.

To Create a Facebook Fundraiser:

1. Click the button below to start your Facebook Fundraiser Campaign.

2. Set a goal – If this is your first fundraiser, we recommend starting in the range of $200-300, maybe $500 if you have some generous friends or if you plan to make a significant contribution, as well.  

However, Facebook (via the Paypal Giving Fund) will send donations directly to the Alberta Aviation Museum, regardless of whether you meet your goal or not.


3. Set the end date: Choose a timeframe that leads up to your special date. We recommend hosting the fundraiser for a full week to meet your goal, but two is even better. Don’t worry – it’s fine if the end of your fundraising range ends after the specific event.

4. Describe why you are raising funds. You can leave the default fundraiser language or update it to match your own flair. We encourage you to personalize the post, but here’s a few ideas to get you started: 

Step 4 Examples:

For my birthday, I’m raising money for @ABAvMuseum, because I am passionate about the history of aviation and how it help develop the Province of Alberta that we know and love today!

Please join me in giving $29 (or any amount!) for the anniversary of my 29th birthday. 

Help me raise $250 for @ABAvMuseum to help them restore their Bell 206A Jet Ranger Helicopter.  This restoration will provide families with a display exhibit that will allow them to board the actual aircraft.

Join me in giving $15 to @ABAvMuseum, which will allow them to replenish weekly materials for their Discovery Backpack program!

5. Add a cover photo – choose from the default images or the special fundraiser images we created just for you here! (See provided examples)

6. Click Create, and your fundraiser is live!

7. Spread the word: Invite friends and family. And don’t post just once. Remind people that you are hosting a fundraiser. You can give a progress report, share a photo of your favorite aircraft, pass along why you chose the Alberta Aviation Museum as your charity of choice, set up a match (you or a generous friend/family member will match the next $100), or offer to do something fun/outrageous/out of character if you meet your goal.

8. Thank everyone who donates and feel good that you are really making a difference.

For some additional strategies and tips, below is a link to great info to get you started. Thank you for helping support the museum in sharing the legacy of Blatchford Field and the role of aviation in building our community. The staff and volunteers appreciate your support.

Step 7 Examples: Click to Enlarge
(Download: Right Click > Save As)