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History Preserved with the Link Trainer

For anyone who learned to fly in a Link Trainer during the Second World War and afterwards, one of our displays will stimulate fond memories!

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Russ Bannock Versus the V-1

Buzz Bombs, Doodlebugs, Chuffbombs and Divers – these are some of the names Allied servicemen and civilians called the dreaded German V-1 jet powered flying bombs

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The V-1 Bomb: A Complex Design Challenge

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the museum. But often their creativity and ingenuity, rather than just their labour, makes the big difference.

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Revamped Museum Volunteer Lunch Program

If you talk to volunteers around the hangar, they will be quick to tell you about a delicious change at the museum within the past few months.

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New Shelves for the Archives!

Thanks to a generous grant provided by the Government of Canada – Department of Canadian Heritage’s Museum Assistance Program, Assistant Curator Ryan Lee purchased new sliding shelving for one of ...

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