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Oshkosh overload

By Steve Finkelman, AAM Communications Coordinator To the general public Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is a place where they make jeans. But to aviation buffs the name means airplanes. Lots and lots ...

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Image Gallery: Rick Brady photographs

Rick Brady, a retired Edmonton fire captain turned professional photographer, recently dropped by the museum to wander through our exhibits and, of course, take pictures. He was good enough to ...

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Cliff Rhind and Ted Allan

We have lost two members of our museum volunteer family. Cliff Rhind, a World War II Mosquito pilot, who helped out for many years in our library, died June 15 ...

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There are a lot of exciting things happening at the Alberta Aviation Museum these days. We are updating exhibits, adding new stories to our displays, and planning interesting events you ...

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Image Gallery: Blatchford granddaughter proud family name lives on

Kenneth Blatchford’s granddaughter was delighted to be part of the airfield’s 90th anniversary celebrations last Saturday at the Alberta Aviation Museum. “I am really thrilled to be here,” Patricia Barford ...

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