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Image Gallery: Son of Wop May meets ‘Roy Brown and the Red Baron’

Wop May’s son, Denny, was guest of honour this past weekend at a meeting of two other First World War avation legends. Denny May, along with 250  others, attended the ...

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AAM founder makes special appearance at museum volunteer Christmas lunch

Museum volunteers attending our annual Christmas Lunch were treated to a special guest this week. Bill Cottrell, was president of the Alberta Aviation Museum almost 30 years ago, before it ...

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Roy Versus the Red Baron

One hundred years after the the Red Baron, the most feared and famous German fighter pilot ever was shot down over France, he is being brought back to life.  With ...

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Curtiss JN-4: Jennies and Canucks

By Neil Taylor (Editor’s note: With Jack Johnson’s recent donation of his rare Curtiss JN-4 to the museum, we wanted to provide some background about the importance of these aircraft ...

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Image Gallery: Moving the Jenny

Jack Johnston’s generous donation of his precious Curtiss JN-4D (Jenny) is one of the largest donations ever made to the museum. It was also a complicated job to dismantle the ...

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