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For Ross McBain, before Canons there were Corsairs

Ross McBain’s Second World War flying experience was akin to a boxer training months for a fight that ends with the first punch.

Albertans knew Ross McBain (1924-2018) as the founder of McBain Camera, the go-to store for camera buffs and professionals since its founding by McBain in 1949. But before cameras, McBain took to the air.

Born in Edmonton in 1924, he took a course in photography in Vancouver and decided to get into the photography business. But before that, in 1943, he and a friend decided they were “missing all the fun” of being in the armed forces.

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Unveiling the Power of Marketing

By: Sarah Svanda (Featured in the September/October 2023 Newsletter)   In my new role as the Marketing and Communications professional at the Alberta Aviation Museum, I embarked on a mission

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