History Takes Flight

Journey to discover the wonderous history of Blatchford Field.

Explore the evolution of flight in Alberta – from bush planes, bombers, jets and more.

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The Alberta Aviation Museum is open to the public 6 days a week.

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We offer year-round programs for All ages at the museum.

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Museum news/highlights

Hanger 14 Update

Hangar 14 Update: May 1st, 2024

Discover how the Alberta Aviation Museum is rallying the community to preserve the rich history of Blatchford Field following the tragic loss of Hangar 11 to a devastating fire. Explore their ongoing efforts, from hosting educational programs and rental events to advocating for the preservation of Hangar 14. Join them in their mission to safeguard this historic landmark for future generations.

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Cartoon image of a young girl flying with her white dog in a soap box plane surrounded by clouds
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Up, Up, and Away: Books for Kids Who Love Aviation

Whether your child dreams of piloting aircraft or simply finds aviation fascinating, our handpicked recommendations cater to various ages and interests, promising excitement and inspiration with every turn of the page. From captivating picture books that unveil the wonders of flight to engaging chapter books featuring daring aviators and sky-high escapades, there’s something here to spark the imaginations of aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

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Val Seehagel and the Fleet Canuck

Explore the rich history of the Edmonton Flying Club through captivating anecdotes and firsthand accounts, including Val Seehagel’s experiences with the iconic Fleet Model 80 aircraft. Delve into the club’s legacy in training Canadian pilots and its enduring impact on aviation.

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Do You Want To Become a Volunteer?

The Alberta Aviation Museum has amassed one of the largest collections of historic aircraft for any aviation museum of its size, but it would never have succeeded without the legions of volunteers who have devoted tens of thousands of hours over the past 30 years.

Volunteer dressed as female pilot in front of Curtiss Stinson Special airplane

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