We were delighted to host Edmonton mayor Don Iveson for a tour of the museum a few weeks ago. The mayor was unable to make it for Open Cockpit Day but wanted to drop by to see all the changes we’ve made.

It turns out Iveson has a long connection to one of our artifacts. As Curator Lech Lebiedowski was showing him our B-25 Daisy Mae, the mayor stared at a picture showing the aircraft hulk sitting on the Harrold family farm before the aircraft was donated for restoration.

Iveson announced that he knew the wreckage well.

“My Aunty Trudy (my father’s sister) is married to Terry Harrold’s brother, Kirk.” He told us. “The Harrold Family farm is where the hulk used to rest and climbing in the plane was one of my favourite things to do when visiting the farm as a kid.”

Needless to say, we were delighted to reunite the two and gave the mayor a chance to inspect the now-restored cockpit. As you can see from the pictures it was a fond reunion.

At the end of the tour Iveson did a very credible job landing one of our new RedBird flight simulators as veteran airline captain (and former 418 Squadron B-25 pilot) Terry Champion looked on.

Mr. Mayor, come back anytime to see your ‘old friend.’