Father’s Day will be special at the Alberta Aviation Museum. You can help Dad ‘take to the skies’ in a virtual way with our world-class flight simulators. The Redbird simulators, part of our advanced education program, will be available to the general public for a nominal additional fee on this special occasion.

Our Redbird flight simulators will be available to the public at our Father’s Day event.

The event, along our monthly Saturday kid’s drop in, our Servus Free Access Nights and other programs coming this summer are all being made possible by support from the federal government’s Young Canada Works Program. It has allowed us to hire three students who will work with visitors, particularly younger ones, to make their visit to the museum more enjoyable.

“We’ve been seeing a lot more families coming in with young children,” says Lead Interpreter Jean Middleton. “Having programming to offer so they can do than just looking at planes, things where they can be involved and do something with their hands and be creative, is really important.”

The students, Daniel Greenways and Sarah Brunsdon, will also make it possible to offer programs for daycares and day camps and other children’s groups, which can be booked in advance.

Younger children will be able to make their own Father’s Day cards at the June 16 event.

The team is also working on some ideas to attract young adults and teens to the museum.

The Father’s Day event is typical of that diverse audience the museum is trying to attract. Adults and older children (+12 years) will be able to fly our new Redbird Flight simulators for half an hour, at an additional cost of $3. Younger children will also able to create aviation-themed Father’s Day cards to give to their dads.

Take a look at the list of events below. And keep you eyes on our social media feeds and event calendar for more specifics about what’s coming up. It’s going to an exciting summer for visitors of all ages at the Alberta Aviation Museum.

  • June 8, Kids Drop-in, “Flight School”
  • June 16, Father’s Day with Redbird flight simulators (ages 12+), Father’s Day cards activity for younger children
  • June 27 Servus Free Access Night with Puzzle Craft and DC-6 Flight Simulator
  • July 1-7 Doors Open Festival with daily tours at 1pm. (Admission by donation for tour)
  • July 13, Kids Drop-in, “Escape the Museum Scavenger Hunt”