For Ted Mageau it’s a labour of love. But for the museum it’s a piece of aviation art.

Mageau, a long-time volunteer, was given the task by AAM Curator Lech Lebiedowski. Take the museum’s dozens of model aircraft and put them into a display case.

“I have planes at home and I’ve always wanted to stick them in the wall and make them look like they are flying,” says Mageau. So he used number 9 gauge wire, glued the models to the wire and then pushed the wire into a hole at the back of the display case. The painstaking work took about 9 days and would have taken longer if not for the help of Frey Bannerman, one of our newer volunteers.

The result is breathtaking. Almost every inch of the display case is filled with a model, seemingly in flight.

How many models are there?

“I lost count of them and had to take a picture, take it home and count them, ” says Mageau. We are keeping the exact number secret for the time being. Watch our social media feed for a contest in the near future.

The completed showcase depicts aircraft that were in service during World War II. Mageau and Bannerman are now working on two other displays, one featuring aircraft from World War I and prior, and another featuring jet airliners.

Ted Mageau’s creativity and dedication shows the kind of effort our volunteers provide to make the Alberta Aviation Museum a first-class aviation museum. We thank them for their efforts.