Dave Heathcote

The museum lost two valuable members of its team last month. Dave Heathcote, one of the museum’s former staff members died on October 13, at the age of 67. Denis Loiseau, a long-time volunteer in the restoration department, died October 21. He was 75.

Dave Heathcote worked as the head avionics technician for PWA before being recruited to set up the Avionics Program at NAIT. He joined the Alberta Aviation Museum in 2007 as the education director. Over the next seven years he set up the Grade Six Theory of Flight Program, which is so popular today. He also led the refurbishment of the DC-6 simulator and the Lockheed Electra simulator, a project the museum completed for Buffalo Airways.
If that resume is not enough, Heathcote also spent time as a contract pilot for the International Red Cross serving in Vietnam. The full obituary can be found here.

Denis Loiseau

Denis Loiseau was a master woodworker who found his way to the museum through a love of aviation after a career in forestry and oil and gas. He was a regular volunteer for about two decades.
Gerry Blacklock, another long-time hand in the restoration shop, remembers him as a perfectionist.
“He wasn’t one of these guys who would make it ‘just good enough.’ It had to be as good as he could make it. He had very high standards.”
Loiseau and Blacklock worked hand-in-hand restoring the museum’s Stinson SR-9 and building the wings for the Katherine Stinson Curtiss Special.
Loiseau’s obituary can be found here.
We offer our heart-felt condolences to the families of both men. Our museum would not be what it is today without efforts like theirs..