We have been busy at the museum improving our signage. Much of if was old, haphazard and some exhibits lacked proper details to help people understand what they are seeing.

Head Curator Lech Lebiedowski and Marketing Coordinator Zena Conlin worked with Hi-Signs to create the new displays.

It’s all part of our on-going revitalization of exhibits and other spaces to make the museum more inviting and educational.

About a half dozen of the old pilon mounted signs have been redesigned

 New, free-standing signs have been installed, telling stories about the airplanes and aviation pioneers

About a dozen smaller signs describe engines and other noteworthy artifacts.

Drop in for a look and see all the new additions, including the new background banners and the continually improving story islands. New features are being added almost every week. Be sure to keep an eye on this web site to follow our exciting progress.